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Hingham Attorneys

Divorce Attorneys – Serving Massachusetts

For more than 20 years, we have served Massachusetts divorce and family law clients from our Hingham and Cape Cod offices.

Lynch & Owens are Massachusetts divorce lawyers and family law attorneys with offices in Hingham, Massachusetts and East Sandwich, Massachusetts. Any attorney specializing in family law can tell you that divorce proceedings are among the most complex, emotional, and highly-contested legal disputes that lawyers face. Divorces involving young children often turn on difficult custody, visitation and child support issues. Meanwhile, parties with older children often struggle with apportioning college expenses or alimony. Finally, there is the division of marital assets, in which the assets and debts of the parties will be assigned to one or both litigants.

We have represented hundreds of clients in divorce and family law proceedings throughout Massachusetts, running the gamut from highly contested trials to amicable agreements.

Our attorneys specialize in:

  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Determining child support and alimony
  • Finding hidden income and assets
  • Complex asset division
  • Negotiating separation agreements
  • High Net-Worth Divorce cases

Free One-Hour Consultation

Whether you need aggressive representation in a child custody dispute or a complex financial case, please call us at (781) 741-5000. An attorney from our office will evaluate your claim during a free one-hour consultation. We will help you navigate your legal issue with care, diligence and strong, cost-effective client service.

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