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Divorce & Family Law



Divorce and Family Law Services

Lynch & Owens are the South Shore’s premier divorce lawyers and family law attorneys dedicated to providing Massachusetts residents with the best representation in divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, alimony, property division and other family law matters. Our divorce lawyers concentrate on the following divorce and family law services:

Financial Issues: Divorce

  • Familiarity and experience in high net worth divorce cases.
  • Complex and high-value asset valuation and division, including private equity holdings, closely-held businesses, real estate and compensation assets.
  • Working with expert witnesses to discover hidden assets and value financial holdings for litigation and to conceptualize divorce and separation agreements.
  • Calculating alimony and child support for high income earners including business owners, real estate developers and corporate executives.
  • Identifying and tracing hidden assets and income through a forensic approach.
  • Conceptualizing divorce agreements to maximize after-tax cash flow and cooperative asset division.
  • Negotiating and settling complex divorce cases in a cost-effective matter.

Financial Issues: Post-Divorce and Unmarried Parents

  • Establishing child support in cases involving unmarried parents.
  • Contempt representation in actions to enforce existing orders and judgments.
  • Modification pursuing or defending against modification of child support and alimony.

Child Custody and Parenting Time

  • Developing and conceptualizing comprehensive Parenting Plans.
  • Litigation of child custody matters including legal and physical custody, primary custody versus shared physical custody, abuse and neglect, parental alienation, parental fitness and substance abuse, and removal cases.
  • Modification of existing custody orders, judgments and Parenting Plans.
  • Contempt representation in actions to enforce custody orders and judgments.

Prenuptial and Separation Agreements

  • Drafting and conceptualizing Prenuptial Agreements.
  • Litigating prenuptial agreements to determine enforceability and terms.
  • Drafting and conceptualizing comprehensive Separation Agreements.

Read More about Massachusetts Divorce on the Lynch & Owens Blog

Our blogger-attorneys have written tens of thousands of words on Massachusetts divorce and Massachusetts family law issues. Our divorce blogs extend back to the historical connections between the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act (ARA) and our proprietary website, alimonyformula.com, followed by extensive coverage of the ARA, ranging from the Supreme Judicial Court’s finding that lifetime alimony would continue for some Massachusetts residents, to multiple treatises on how alimony can be modified under the ARA, and the filing of new bills to correct shortcomings with the ARA, including the Alimony Re-Reform Act, and alimony deviations under the ARA.

The blog provides readers the opportunity to read our attorneys’ publications, such as Jason V. Owens’ seminal law review article, Determining Self-Employment Income for Child Support Purposes: the Massachusetts View Compared with the National View.

The blog answers dozens of divorce-related questions, such as whether the termination of child support warrants an increase in alimony, fault versus no-fault divorce in Massachusetts, the differences between divorce mediation and litigation, how recent Social Security changes affect Massachusetts divorcees, how RSUs are treated in divorce cases, whether “memos of understanding” are binding in divorce cases,

The blog covers legal issues, both narrow and broad, such as the pros and cons of unallocated family support versus child support and alimony in Massachusetts, the tax deductibility of alimony payments, the difference between merger and survival in Massachusetts separation agreements, how the “length of marriage” difference under the Massachusetts alimony and property division statutes, how retirement assets and marital debts are treated in a divorce, whether an asset division is modifiable in Massachusetts (including when unknown assets are discovered after the divorce), how fraudulent conveyances are treated in divorce cases, how domicile and residency affect divorce jurisdiction in Massachusetts, what the “fabric of the marriage” means in Massachusetts,

We also provide practical guides and overview blogs on a wide variety of divorce-related issues, such as what makes up a Massachusetts separation agreement, why successful divorce mediations do not receive enough attention, the special considerations in high net worth divorce cases, the factors affecting property division in a Massachusetts divorce, how QDRO drafting challenges attorneys, the enforceability of prenuptial agreements in Massachusetts, what questions to ask a divorce mediator and how a lawyer can assist in divorce mediation, what questions to ask a divorce lawyer before hiring,

Our blog similarly touches on procedural issues, reviewing such questions as long how must a party reside in Massachusetts before filing for divorce, whether a probate and family court judge will approve a separation agreement with only one party present, who is responsible for legal fees in a Massachusetts divorce, explaining the 90-day nisi period, when Massachusetts divorcees can finally file “single” on tax returns, new parent education class requirements in Massachusetts probate and family courts,

Our attorneys also provide their review of numerous appellate decisions and topical news stories, such as the SJC decision holding that the husband of a famous author was entitled to a share of royalty payments for future book sales, the divorce lawyer’s perspective on the Ashley Madison hack, the rare reversal of a Massachusetts property division judgment, prenuptial agreement drafting tips from recent appellate case law, how the lack of a prenuptial agreement is likely to affect Johnny Depp’s divorce case, and pending legislation, such the Massachusetts shared physical custody bill.

The blog also includes the groundbreaking Lynch & Owens Massachusetts Divorce Series, by Josey Lyne Payne, which provides readers with a comprehensive review of the Massachusetts divorce process, from the client’s free one-hour consultation with a divorce lawyer, to filing and serving a complaint for divorce, to a review of motions for temporary orders in Massachusetts divorce cases, to divorce discovery, pretrial conferences and status conferences, settlement negotiations and Massachusetts separation agreements, and finally, divorce trial itself.

Finally, don’t forget that we answer dozens of Massachusetts divorce-related questions on our Massachusetts Divorce FAQ page.

Our Divorce and Family Law Resources

Questions about Massachusetts divorce and family law? Visit our Massachusetts divorce and family law resource pages:

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