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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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Blog Disclaimer 

The Lynch & Owens Blog is considered an advertisement for The Law Office of Lynch & Owens, P.C. The Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct broadly govern all advertisements and communications made by attorneys and law firms in the Commonwealth. Generally, legal websites and any other content published on the internet by lawyers are considered a type of communication and an advertisement, according to the Comments to Rule 7.2.

The Lynch & Owens Blog frequently reviews and discusses newsworthy judicial opinions, including but not limited to Massachusetts appellate court decisions that are publicly available on multiple platforms, including but not limited to Google Scholar. The names, descriptions and events set forth in these blogs are derived solely from the judicial opinions under review in said blogs. Lynch & Owens has no way of verifying the underlying truth or accuracy of findings or opinion of a particular judge or judges, who cannot be found liable for defamation or slander due to judicial immunity. By describing, repeating, summarizing or analyzing the findings or opinions of a particular judge or judges, as set out in the public record, Lynch & Owens is not endorsing the opinions or factual findings of said judge or judges, which are subject to judicial immunity.

To the extent that Lynch & Owens and/or its bloggers make reference to any specific individual, business or factual scenario described in a judicial opinion, these references are based solely on the judicial opinion itself, and are expressly not the opinion of Lynch & Owens or its attorneys/bloggers regarding the underlying real-world facts, circumstances, events, actors (or their alleged acts or omissions) that gave rise to whatever litigation may have resulted in the judicial opinion.

In short, the Lynch & Owens Blog includes writing about judicial opinions, and any reference by Lynch & Owens to a specific individual, business or attorney that is described in a judicial opinion is derived solely from the opinion itself, and expressly does not reflect the opinion of Lynch & Owens or its attorney/bloggers about such individual(s), business(es) or attorney(s) and/or their behavior beyond what is described in the subject judicial opinion.

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