Mediate Your Divorce with Nicole K. Levy of South Shore Divorce Mediation, presented by Lynch & Owens, P.C.

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Mediate Your Divorce with Nicole K. Levy of South Shore Divorce Mediation, presented by Lynch & Owens, P.C.

Divorce Mediator Nicole K. Levy provides divorcing spouses with a confidential, cost-effective alternative to litigation, backed by the experience and reputation of the Lynch & Owens, the South Shore’s leading divorce and family law firm.

Massachusetts Child Support Lawyer

Attorney Nicole K. Levy

For more than 20 years, Lynch & Owens has been a divorce and family law leader on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Divorce litigation has been our primary focus for two decades; however, our growth in recent years has led us to expand in several exciting directions. First among our new initiatives is South Shore Divorce Mediation, led by Lynch & Owens divorce attorney Nicole K. Levy. Through South Shore Divorce Mediation, we are now positioned to deliver the unique skills and experience of Lynch & Owens to divorce and family law mediation clients on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Superior Family Law Expertise Through Lynch & Owens 

Massachusetts attorneys and readers of our blog recognize the contributions we have made to the thriving online community of legal analysis and scholarship surrounding Massachusetts divorce, family law, child support, alimony and child custody issues. Attorney Levy stands apart as a leader in the field of Massachusetts family law scholarship; however, having published dozens of authoritative treatises on Massachusetts family law, including her cutting-edge analysis of decisional law affecting the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act, her review of complex financial issues such as the treatment of generation skipping trusts in Massachusetts divorce cases, and her definitive review of DCF’s 51A investigation process, which has been read by more than 3,000 Massachusetts residents since being published last year.

Divorce mediation clients know they are in good hands with Attorney Levy, whose understanding of Massachusetts family law translates to divorce agreements that clients can rely on in the years and decades following their divorce.

Reputation is Important When it Comes to Divorce Mediators

As acclaimed Massachusetts divorce mediator Justin L. Kelsey once guest-blogged for us, you only hear about divorce mediations that fail. This is true. Few clients understand that under Massachusetts law, a divorce mediator can advertise his or her services, even if they never practiced family law – or even attended law school. Recent years have seen an explosion in online advertising by inexpensive divorce mediators offering quick and easy divorces at rock bottom prices. If your divorce involves significant assets, child support or alimony, or a detailed parenting plan, it is crucial that you and your spouse select a divorce mediator with experience and a reputation for excellence.

Lynch & Owens has represented thousands of divorce and family law clients over the last two decades. Attorney Levy, as a Senior Associate specializing in family law, prepares dozens of separation agreement and post-divorce agreements that withstand the scrutiny of our managing attorneys, opposing counsel and Probate and Family Court judges. She can draw on our library of more than than a thousand Massachusetts separation agreements to resolve problems before they arise.

Clients can and should rely on Lynch & Owens’s reputation for excellence when mediating their divorce and family law issues through South Shore Divorce Mediation.

Divorce Mediation: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Litigation that Focuses on Speed, Confidentiality and Respect

We have been litigating divorce cases for decades at Lynch & Owens. We recognize the difficulties that clients face under the financial and emotional strain of litigation. Divorce mediation offers an alternative to divorce litigation with features that include:

  • Cost. Divorce mediation often costs far less than paying two attorneys to litigate a divorce.
  • Speed. Divorce mediation can bring about a final resolution much quicker that litigation.
  • Friendly. Divorce mediation provides are a far more amicable method for parties to resolve their divorce-related concerns while avoiding conflict, stress and animosity of litigation.
  • Confidentiality. Privacy is important. Divorce mediation offers a sensitive way to work through divorce issues that minimizes public disclosure of private matters.
  • Control. When left to a judge, family law results are often costly and unexpected. Through divorce mediation, both parties can ensure their respective concerns are addressed.

In 20 years of service, the attorneys of Lynch & Owens have earned our reputation as the South Shore’s premier divorce lawyers. Mediating your divorce with Nicole K. Levy ensures that you have access to the resources, professionalism and expertise that Lynch & Owens brings to every divorce case, while providing you the tools that you and your spouse will need to resolve your divorce through a confidential, cost-effective and amicable process.

Nicole K. Levy is a Massachusetts divorce lawyer and divorce mediator for Lynch & Owens, located in Hingham, Massachusetts. As a divorce lawyer and mediator, Attorney Levy settles dozens of divorce cases a year. She is a certified Massachusetts mediator and a proud member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation.

Schedule a free consultation with Nicole K. Levy today at (781) 741-5000 or send her an email:


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