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Collaborative Law: A Different Way to Practice Divorce and Family Law

Collaborative law is a settlement-focused approach to resolving divorce and family issues that combines the amicable, solution-driven environment of mediation with the client advocacy and sophistication of traditional attorney representation. When parties agree to resolve their matter through collaborative law, they enter a contract that prohibits both collaborative law attorneys from representing their clients in court. Collaborative law attorneys are trained to settle disputes without resorting to litigation.

Unlike in mediation, collaborative law clients receive the benefit of direct representation by highly qualified counsel whose undivided loyalty flows to the client. Unlike in litigation, collaborative law negotiations avoid the coercive pressure tactics that tend to arise when high stress court hearings remain a constant threat. Although collaborative law attorneys are loyal only to their clients, they are trained to work together to help parties become “unstuck” from entrenched positions that are preventing settlement.

Our collaborative law attorneys are committed to reaching settlement in your case without resorting to an adversarial court action.

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Nicole K. Levy, Senior Associate Attorney

Nicole K. Levy is a certified Massachusetts collaborative attorney whose areas of focus includes collaborative divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, complex asset division and family law.

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